Do you ever think about how the coffee originated? An average human drink 1 to 4 cups of coffee a day. Do you enjoy drinking coffee? The answer is yes! What is the story of coffee? How coffee spread all across the globe.

We know how to make coffee, but we didn't know the path which paved the way.

Thanks to Kaldi who was a goat herder, once his goat ate berries from a tree. And he surprisingly noticed how the goats then get energized and they didn’t sleep at night. He shared the information with the local monastery, and he made a drink with the berries and found it kept him too energetic and alert. Then he shared his experience with the other monks at the monastery. And thus this energizing berried began to spread all over.

Kaldi failed to receive the warmest of welcomes at the religious residence. One monk named hi occasional beans as “the Devil’s work” and tossed them into the fireplace in keeping with the legend. In keeping with the legend, the aroma that wafted up from the preparation beans caught the monk’s attention. When removing the beans from the fireplace and crushing them to extinguish the embers, they tried to preserve them in a vessel full of quandary

This new brewed occasional has an aroma that attracted even a lot of monks. When attempting it, the veteran the ascension effects for themselves. They vowed drink it daily as an aid to their non secular devotions and to stay them awake throughout prayers